The 'wisdom of crowds' and 'swarm theory' tell us how important anonymous feedback systems are, so I wanted to try something out. I decided to add a place for anonymous feedback on my web site. And I think I thought of what might be a good name for this: I call it a GOLB. Below is the explanation.

Blog: A place where one person can speak to all of the anonymous people of the world.
Golb: A place where all of the anonymous people of the world can speak to one person.

Below is a first set of standards for GOLB behavior.

  1. Golbs are put up with the pure intention of self improvement.
  2. Golb owners will not try to identify the person sending the anonymous comments
  3. Golb etiquette requires that people leaving the comments are only doing so with the best of intentions.
  4. Golb owners will understand that not all people will follow rule 3. Everyone has their own agenda, and some people are not above childish attacks. But the GOLB owner will try to understand where the person sending any comment is 'coming from' in a psychological sense.
  5. Golbs do not notify the owner of new entries by email. The owner of the Golb has to intentionally go to them when they have prepared themselves to be mentally receptive to feedback.

So please visit my Golb, and let me know what you think!

And if you want help creating your own golb, please let me know and will help you.